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  • Board Details
    • Control your board's URL, name, rules, online/offline status and Gzip compression.
  • Default Settings
    • Define your board's base language, theme, date and time format, number of posts, members, avatars per page etc
  • Modules
    • Turn on or off header modules such as search, faq, statistics, members list and more.
  • Cosmetic Options
    • Turn on or off sub forums, forum spacing, quick reply options, smiles, etc
  • Front Page Options
    • Settings that enable parts of the forum index.
  • User Control
    • Control new user registrations & email verification settings.
  • File Attachment Settings
    • File size, images, thumbnails, and storage settings.
  • Other
    • Enable BB Code, smiley inserters and foot options as well as avatar size and new ticker settings.
  • Captcha Images Settings
    • Control the size, shape, and colors of your captcha image, if enabled.
  • 3rd-Party Features
    • Optional toys that involve cross-site communications.