Front Page Options

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Front Page Options are the fifth group on the Settings Page.

This article provides more information about each setting in the Front Page Options group.

Index Stats Bar Status:
This option will enable/disable the stats bar on index.

Categories Only On Main Page:
This option can be enabled or disabled. When enabled only the base Categories of your forum will display on the index page. All the forums and subforums will be hidden. When disabled all categories, Forums and subforums are displayed on the index page

Who's online in index status:
This option can be enabled or disabled. When enabled it shows a bar at the bottom of your index page saying who is currently online. When this option is disabled the bar goes away.

Who's online today status:
This option can be enabled or disabled. When enabled this allows you to see how many people have visited the site on that day. When disabled you cannot see who has visited your site today. Please note that if the Who's online in index status is disabled even if you enable this it will not show up.

Maximum number of members to show in who's online today on index:
This allows you to change the number of members to show on the Who's online today status. If you would only like to show the last 10 people that visited the site, set this number to 10. Please Note that if you have the Who's Online Today Status turned off placing a number here doesn't matter.

News Ticker:
If "on" the news ticker will be displayed at the top of your forums, between header and user control panel options. This is usefull for informing users of upcomming events, forum updates/changes etc.
If "off" the header will go straight to control panel regardless if there is any information to be displayed.

News Delay:
Is the length of time each news article stays on screen before changing. time is in milliseconds. ie 2500 is 2.5 seconds.

News In Newsticker:
You can use bbcode to make test bold italix or under etc.
You can use html code to link to other sites/pages.
There is no limit to the number of articles you can roll over.
Each line you enter will be displayed for the above time.

Code Language in Newsticker:
You may optionally enable either HTML or BBCode tags for the content of the previous setting, News In Newsticker.