Captcha Images Settings

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Captcha Image Settings are the ninth group on the Settings Page.

Minimum requirement for the capthca system to work are as follows: GD library with ~FreeType installed by your forum provider/host and php version 4.3 or greater installed.

Main Status:
This is the main control and must be on for the captcha to work.

Registration Status:
This is the control for the captcha to be used for registrations

Anonymous Posting Status:
If anonymous posting is allowed on your forums this control will make them use the captcha image before posting. Logged in members will not see the images.

Code Characters:
This is where you can enter the characters you wish to use in the images. You must separate the characters with a comma. You can also enter ranges (eg: a-z, 0-9, A-Z).

Code Length:
How many characters do you want to display in the image

Case Sensitive Code:
This gives you the option to use case sensitive characters. Whilst on, users must enter the characters exactly as they appear. Please remember that characters like o, s, w, x, z can be hard to decipher if uppercase is required.

Code Shadow:
Adds a shadow under each image for extra security.

Image Type:
This is the type of image (gif, jpg, png etc.)

Image Width:
How wide should the background image be.

Image Height:
How high should your background image be.

Image Background(s):
Enter the full path to the location of your captcha images directory as found from the root of your forum, i.e, images/captchaimages. If there is more than one image they will be randomly displayed upon new registrations.
Alternatively you can enter individual file name(s) separated by commas to select only desired images.

Number of Random Dots:
Number of dots to randomly place in the image.

Number of Random Lines:
Number of lines to randomly place in the image.

Image Font(s):
Fonts to be used for the characters in the image. These can be entered as font names separated by comma's, a directory, or an individual font name. The fonts entered, must be on your server.

Min Font Size:
This is the minimum font size that characters will be displayed in your image.

Max Font Size:
This is the maximum font size that characters will be displayed.

Use Full Color:
Whilst on, the image character(s), and dots / lines will use full random colors. Whilst off, they will be grey scale.