Working With Official XMB Source Files

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The first version of this document offers an introduction for Windows users who wish to extract or work on the official XMB source files stored in SVN.

Step 1: Download and Install TortoiseSVN
It is available at

Step 2: Connect to XMB SVN
It is available at svn://
Your computer will know how to handle the svn: scheme when TortoiseSVN is installed. :)

Step 3: Create a Check Out Folder
You will want to have a folder on your hard drive that is ready to receive the files you're going to download. Keep in mind you might want to check out more than one part of the repository, so expect to create a few folders over time.

Step 4: Check Out
The Repository Browser is arranged much like Windows Explorer. Navigate to a directory you'd like to check out, such as /xmb19x/trunk/source/

Right-click the folder icon for that directory and choose the Checkout... option. Note: If you do not want to work on the files or use TortoiseSVN's features such as Diff and Merge, then you can choose Extract instead of Checkout.

In the Checkout directory field, put the full path to the folder you created on your hard drive.

Click OK