User Ranks

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In this section you can add or modify the ranks which users can attain, including the post count required to gain the rank, the number of stars associated with the rank and if an avatar is attached to the rank. Certain ranks which are compulsory cannot be deleted, for example, Super Administrator.

Staff Avatars

The doubles avatar thing you see has to do with what is commonly called "staff avatars" - it is a feature in 1.9.

Basically, you create avatars for the user ranks that you want to have them used, and you upload them to a directory that you create within your forum directory. What we have done here is to create avatars for the various staff positions, and created a directory call /staff that holds those avatars.

Then, when they are in the directory, you go into the 1.9 Admin Panel and choose User Ranks. There, at the right hand side of the screen you will see a column for avatar. You specify the avatar that you want to use for that given user rank. You have to specify it including the directory.

Let's say you put the avatars in your /images/rankavatars/ directory (just as an example) and one of them was called hotposter.gif and you have a user rank called Hot Poster which is for people with over 500 posts. You would go into the Admin Panel - User Ranks utility and in the right hand column at the Hot Poster line, you would type in the following: ../images/rankavatars/hotposter.gif

Note: the initial ../ is there to tell the browser to recurse directories beginning at the root directory of the forum scripts. The way the script is written, you MUST have the avatars within the directory structure of your forum.