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A template is an internal HTML resource for projecting the look and feel of XMB Software. It is driven by the database.

Creating a Template

Go to Administration Panel > Templates and put the name of the template in the input box with a button that says "New" next to it. Then you click the button that says "New" and it will take you to a new input box. There you would copy and paste your html for the template you want to create there and then scroll down a short distance and click the "Submit Changes" button once you have entered the desired html for your template.

Editing a Template

Go to Administration Panel >Templates and Simply select a template name that you desire to edit from the drop down menu located in the lower left corner and click the "Edit" button. You can then alter any template you desire. Once you are done editing you would then scroll to the bottom of the template html display field and click the "Submit Changes" button.

Deleting a Template

Go to Administration Panel >Templates and select the template you desire to delete from the drop down list located in the lower left corner of your templates section and click on the "Delete" button. You will then be prompted with a message that says something like "Are you sure you want to delete the selected template?". You would then click the "yes" button to delete the template. You have now successfully deleted the template of your choice.

Backing Up the Templates

Go to Administration Panel >Templates and click on the "Backup All" button. This will then prompt you to save to a allocated location on your hard drive to save it to. It then generates and extracts a full template file named "templates.xmb" of your projected html which is stored on your MySQL database. It is a wise idea to backup your template once a week and anytime you want to edit/or modify your templates to ensure that you can restore the backup incase something goes wrong with you editing of the templates or the forums somehow get damaged server site and you have lost your templates in the db (which almost if at all ever happens).

Restoring the Templates

First things first would be to upload your current backup of your templates to your forum directory regularly incase of restoration being needed. otherwise you will end up restoring the wrong templates to your forums if you need to restore them. To restore templates Go to Administration Panel >Templates and click on the "Restore All" button. That will then project a message like so "Are you sure you want to restore the templates to their default state in templates.xmb? templates.xmb must be in your forums directory for this to work!". To restore you would clock the "yes" button and then your done.