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by JDaniels

How To:

Each file has a section in the diff file. The header looks like this:

diff -ur releases/XMB-1.9.9-Saigo/Files/include/ XMB-1.9.9-Saigo/Files/include/
--- releases/XMB-1.9.9-Saigo/Files/include/	2008-03-25 14:34:44.000000000 -0600
+++ XMB-1.9.9-Saigo/Files/include/	2008-04-03 22:52:36.000000000 -0600

In this example, the changes are going to be made to include/

Following that, there are line numbers of the old file and new file. This denotes the affected section of code of each file:

@@ -509,6 +509,6 @@

Then comes the code change itself. Lines that begin with a + (plus) are lines that need to be inserted. Lines that begin with a - (minus) are lines that need to be removed. Lines that do not begin with either, are unchanged reference lines to help locate the section of code.

 function isValidFilename($filename) {
-    return preg_match(\\\'#^[^:\\\\\\\\/?*<>|]+$#\\\', trim($filename));
+    return preg_match(\\\'#^[\\\\w\\\\. ]*$#\\\', $filename);

There is also a utility called patch that will try and make the changes for you.

Windows Version

*nix Version

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them in the General Support Forum.