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Once you have configured your forum layout, you can begin to assign moderators to help you moderate each section. Moderators can help control forums for you. This menu allows you to assign a moderator or moderators to individual forums.

When assigning Moderators simply add their name to the desired section. If more than one moderator is going to be used, seperate each name by a comma and space, i.e name1, name2, name3. Each moderator name will appear under the forums he/she is allowed to moderate.

If you plan on using Super Moderators that can control every forum, you do not need to assign them to each forum unless you wish to show their names under each forum section as well.

Finally, you will need to assign each moderator their rights by changing their member status to Moderator to enable them to use the moderator tools. See Members section for more information on how to do this.