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In this section you can search for a user and view/edit a number of values linked to their profile. From here you can issue a user with a new password, delete their posts, view their U2U inbox, change their postcount, change their rank, alter their custom status and ban them from the U2U system, posting or both.

Avatar & Member Status

Ranks are simply a method of differentiating different levels of users. In addition, ranks differentiate authorization levels of staff.

As users move up through post counts, they get different titles. There is no fundamental difference between a high post count member and a low post count member.

Super Administrators can have very few posts but completely control the entire board - only by allocating privileges in the Member area in the Administration panel can you upgrade a user from a normal member to a privileged staff member.

The rank system can be altered in Administration Panel > User Ranks. A description of the moderation tools is also provided.

Super Administrator

The Super Administrator is the highest rank. The first person to register on your board is automatically assigned this rank. They can use all of the moderation options in threads/posts in all forums, and they have access to every feature in the Administrator Panel.


The Administrator rank can moderate all forums and has access to nearly all of the administration panel. The only functions of the administration panel they cannot access is the Upgrade section. They also cannot read other members' u2u inboxes, or edit other members' profiles.

Super Moderator

The Super Moderator has access to the moderating tools for all the forums, but they cannot access the administration panel.


The Moderator has access to the moderating tools for a specified forum or forums. The forums that they moderate can be altered by an Administrator / Super Administrator by accessing the Administration Panel feature "Moderators". A user with Moderator status who is not added to the list of forum moderators will have no moderator powers. Only the Moderator permissions for viewing and posting in forums will be applied to that user.


The Member rank is the default rank that is set when a user registers. Under the default settings, members can post topics, reply to topics and edit their own posts in any public forum. However, this can be changed by altering the settings in Administration Panel > Forums > More Options.


A banned user cannot access the forums, and cannot use the U2U function. You can ban a user by going to Administration Panel > Members, searching for the member and setting their "Avatar & Member Status:" to "Banned". To ban a member's IP address, go to the Administration Panel and click on IP Banning. Then enter the IP address that you want to ban from the forums.

To change the rank of a member:

  1. . Enter the Administration Panel, and click on the "Members" link
  2. . Enter the member's name in the "Search for user:" field and click the "Display Results" button.
  3. . When the results are displayed you will see the following options: Delete | Username | New Password | Posts | Avatar & Member Status: | Custom Status | Banned From
  4. . Choose another rank from the "Avatar & Member Status:" drop down menu. The available options are "Super Administrator, Administrator, Super Moderator, Moderator, Member and Banned".
  5. . Click "Submit Changes".

To add a moderator to a forum:

  1. . Enter the Administration Panel
  2. . Click on the "Moderators" link.
  3. . Here you will find a column for "Forum: and a column for "Moderator:".
  4. . Simply put the prospective Moderator's username in the field corresponding to the forum you wish to assign them to and Submit Changes.