How to Become a Staff Member

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Each XMB board has its own policy for user promotion or rank assignment. If you want to become a forum moderator, you might have to meet certain requirements or establish a relationship with other board members.

Users who already have a member status of Administrator or Super Administrator are the only people who can actually change your member status. Simply joining the board staff will not enable you to change another member's status.

Moderator in an Unmoderated Forum

When you are promoted to Moderator, you will be able to do the following: View the page links in Who's Online, search for censored keywords in posts, send U2U messages to multiple recipients, and save unlimited U2U messages. These extra permissions are granted to all staff members.

Moderator in an Assigned Forum

Inside the forum(s) you are assigned to moderate, you will have full access to all of the topic administration features. In addition, you will be able to do the following: Close threads on reply, edit posts by any author, and edit your own posts in a closed thread.

Super Moderator

When you are promoted to Super Moderator, you will have all of the above permissions in all forums. These permissions are of course only applied in forums in which you also have the View permission. Forums that are disabled or limited to Administrators will remain inaccessible.