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This menu allows you to add categories, forums and sub forums to your board. You can also change the order each forum appears as well as turning visaility on or off. You can further modify each forum by selecting the More Options link that appears to the right.

Warning Note: If any category, Forum, or Sub Forum has the check box ticked, when you click on submit changes the forum/category will be deleted without warning. Unless you have a backup you will not be able to restore your posts.

Forum Name :
This is the name that appears on the front page of your forum.

Description :
A quick text description of what to find with this forum section

Allow :

  • HTML :
    • This setting has been removed starting in version 1.9.12. It should always be turned off in older versions.
  • Smilies :
    • When checked, displays smilies if correct text entered. When unchecked only the text will be displayed.
  • BB Code :
    • When checked, any tags like bold, italic, underline etc automatically apply, i.e. text will display like this. When unchecked, any special tags will be treated as plain text, i.e [b]text will display like this[/b].
  • IMG Code :
    • When checked, BB Code also supports images inline with posts. When unchecked, any image tags will be treated as plain text, i.e. [img].
  • Attachments :
    • When checked, enables the forum to accept attachments. When unchecked there is no attachment area for the end user.

Theme :
Enables you to override the default theme for a specific forum.

Forum Permissions:
Is a grid that allows you to set access for all user types (Super Admin, Admin, Super Mod, Mod, Member, & Guest) and whether or not they have the ability start polls, start threads, reply to threads or even view the forum.

User Access List (separate with comma) :
On top of the above permission table you can further restrict access to forums by entering user names in a comma separated format, i.e, name1, name2, name3. Only names on the list will be able to access the forum.

Password: (leave blank for none) :
If you enter a password, the end users must know it before being able to access the forum. Once entered the user can access until they logout or delete there cookies.

Delete :
When checked will delete the forum with no further warnings if submit changes button is clicked. The only way to get the forum back is by restoring a backup copy of the database.

See also: Planning and Creating Forums