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XMB Specific Notes


Staff members and volunteers may request an editor account through the forum.

Organizing Pages

The primary goal of XMBdocs is to make it easy for people to find pages from the XMB manual. Each page should be within a small number of clicks from the home page.

Adding Pages

The preferred way to add a page to XMBdocs is to edit an existing page and add a link to it.

A front page URL /index.php?title=New_Page_Name would be created like this:

[[New Page Name | New Page Description]]

Code Sensitivity

Enclose large blocks of code inside of pre-formatted elements like this:

Input Output
<pre>$code === 'value';

$code2 === 'othervalue';</pre>

$code === 'value';
$code2 === 'othervalue';

Short code phrases can be placed inside of code elements like this:

Input Output
<code>SELECT 1;</code> SELECT 1;

To totally disable formatting and preserve URLs and special characters, use the nowiki element:

Input Output
<nowiki>My code is ''''''</nowiki> My code is ''''''

Wiki Manual

Documentation can be found at