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User Control is the sixth group on the Settings Page.

This article provides more information about each setting in the User Control group.

Allow User Registration:
This must be "on" for people to be able to register new accounts with your forum. If switched to "off" it removes the register login from being visable.

Allow maximum 1 user to register per ip per day?:
If "on" will restrict the number of accounts to be created from a specific IP per day to 1. This is used to help restrict spam accounts being created on your forums. It is possible that this could restrict new registrations on your forum from valid addressess but it would be very minimal. If "off" a user could create multiple accounts, generally used to spam your forums.

Maximum number of new registrations per day.
Set to 0 for unlimited registrations per day.: If you want to restrict the number of new accounts to be created per day enter this value here, i.e, 5 or 10 etc. This can be usefull if you are having issues with spam accounts being created on your forums. If you want unlimited simply set to 0

Notify (Super-)Administrator on new registrations:
If "off" is selected no notification will occour. If "via u2u / via email" is selected any superadmin/admin accounts will be messaged/emailed upon creation of new accounts.

Allow only registered users to view boards?:
If "on" the end user must be registerd with your forum before they can see any topics or posts. If "off" the end user is able to browse your forum before registering. if you have guest posting enabled they are able to post any comments anonymously. if you dont they will need to register an account before they are able to post replies.

Private forums hidden to unauthorized users?:
If "off" no forums will be hidden from users. They will be able to see all forums on the board even if they are restricted from viewing, posting etc. If "on" any forum that specific user accounts should not have access to will not be visable to the end users.

E-mail verification (e-mail random password)?:
If "on" when an end user creates an account there password will be emailed to a specified account. Once they check there email account they will be able to login and change there password to something they can remember. Usefull for reducing spam registrations. If "off" the end user selects a password at account creation time.

Optional fields on registration status:
This option enables/disables optional fields on registration such as AIM, BIO, ICQ, Signatures etc.: If "on" allows users to enter more information at time of registration about themselves. It is not essential for them to enter data but it does allow them to if they have the extra accounts. If "off" the end user must go into there profile once account has be created and tehn enter the data.

Seconds to wait until next post is allowed (flood control):
The value in this field wont allow a user to post twice within this given time frame.

U2U Quota:
Is the maximum amount of U2U messages your users are aloud in the message system. This includes all messages in the inbox, outbox, & trash.

Allows the user to enter the url of a website/hosting location of an avatar they wish to use for there profile. this will be displayed throughout the forum if valid.

Avatars and [img] Tags HTTPS Only:
When enabled, any avatar or BBCode IMG tag that doesn't begin with https: will be ignored. This prevents mixed content (some encrypted, some not) for encrypted pages and helps avoid security warning messages sometimes displayed by web browsers.

Should "use signature" in posts be automatically reset when the signature is removed and/or readded?:
In the current revision it appears this setting is un-used. It is most likely going to be removed in future updates. Leave in the off position (default)

Allow duplicate mails?:
If "yes" the same email account can be used for multiple logins. If "no" each login must have its own email account.

The number of days after which a new user, who has never logged in, will be deleted.
Set to 0 to disable.: Used to delete inactive accoutns. After a given time frame an account with 0 posts will be deleted automatically.

New User Quarantine
When enabled, all posts by new members will be held in separate database tables that can only be viewed by staff members. This prevents new members from publishing any spam that would otherwise be seen by other members, guests, and search engines. New members will be able to post publicly only after one or more of their posts have been reviewed and approved by a staff member.

Hide Banned Members
When enabled, users with a status of Banned will be excluded from the member list, profile displays, and index stats. This can help give a less-cluttered appearance on sites that experience frequent spammy registrations.