Dealing with Login Issues

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If you are experiencing problems logging in or out on your XMB Forum, please check these steps to fixing the problem.

Checking the Full URL

First, check if your $full_url is set correctly. The $full_url in your config.php-file should reflect the same complete url you address to access your forums. For instance, if your forum is located at then your $full_url should be also

(Note : make sure you have a / (forward slash) at the end of the URL and begin it with http:// )

Frame(forwards) & dotTK Services

If you are using a frame-forward service like dotTK, or are using your forum from within an IFrame, or any frame-related issue, make sure you have done the following:

  • The $full_url should reflect the exact location of your forum, not the frame-url you keep seeing all the time (for instance
  • Make sure you are ACCEPTING COOKIES, also from within other domains.

In Internet Explorer there is an easy way to see if there are cookie related blocks on your site. When browsing your forum through for instance the frameforward and you see an EYE which has a RED sign through it at the bottom in your statusbar, you know there are some problems. JUST DOUBLE CLICK ON IT! and sort it out by clicking on the details and accepting the cookies. Login again on your forum and it should work.

When running multiple versions on one domain

If you STILL cannot log in on your forum, then make sure you are not running a malconfigured 1.6 board on the same domain as your 1.8 board (best is to have all your forums upgraded to the latest versions at all times!). Because if you forgot to set a cookiepath on your old 1.6 board, it can screw up your other xmb cookies. This is not a likely situation, but please check it.

Deleting Cookies

Also DELETE your cookies before upgrading or when experiencing logout problems. Having old cookies and new cookies for the same url is likely to cause problems. So when reinstalling or upgrading, make sure you have logged out and even cleared cookies, also ask your users to do this.

Incorrect server time (Rare)

Another rare case has something to do with your (server) time. Make sure your time is set correct, because if set in distant future, it can cause problems with checking for validity and expiration and also with clearing the cookie by XMB...

What to do if this didn't work out?

okay, if you have checked all this yourself and nothing still works please post a thread in the support forum. Please add the following info to your post:

  • Your XMB Forum version including build (for instance : XMB 1.8 Partagium Final SP1) (*note : you can find this at the bottom of your forum next to Powered by, or in your header.php-file*)
  • The $full_url from your config.php
  • The forum-url and site URL and possible frame-urls...
  • Login info of a test-account (this can save some time for the Supporter)

Also, make sure you have FTP info ready for the supportmember if he/she asks for it. When a Support member has access to FTP, it makes it easier for him/her to investigate and solve the problem for you.